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Membership is by invitation ONLY.   New members are admitted twice a year in May and October and must be

willing to Devote their Time, Talents and Treasure.

Thanks For You Interest!

We are constantly seeking to gain new relationships with phenomenal women in our community.  Any woman who agree to to the purpose of the Coalition of 100 Black Women - Central Florida, Inc. and has demonstrated an commitment to and/or community involvement shall be eligible for membership consideration.


We are excited that you are interested in joining the organization. Learn more about the organization by attending and Coalition of 100 Black Women - Central Florida, Inc. sponsored events.

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Member Commitment: 
  • Pays your annual membership due.

  • Serves on one assigned committee, Public Policy, Political Action, Economic Empowerment, Environmental Equity, Education, Community Advocacy, Health and Wellness.

  • Serves on one Standing Committee; Fund Development, Membership, By-laws, Social Media/Communication, Budget and Finance.

  • Adhere to organization By-laws, Code of Ethics and Policy and Proedures. 

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Video Website Picture - 41.jpg
Financial Requirements:
  • Annual Membership Fee $100.00

  • Member's should Attend and Support Coalition of 100 Black Women-Central Florida  Events,  Projects and Programs.


    - Changes are Subject to By-Laws

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